Networking Events

Local Leaders

220 N 10th St, Columbia, MO 65201

Cafe Berlin

5:00 pm to 7:00pm [Every 2nd Thursday]

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We Love Networking

Downtown Como is the host of monthly networking groups that are designed to connect local, entrepreneurs, connectors, and business owners to the people in our community.

Networking can sometimes seem like a chore. However our events are made with our members in mind. Instead of delegating time for trainings, competitions, guest speakers, and extra outside duties, we flip the script. We

give all the time to our members and guests so that they can mingle and converse freely amongst one another. Half-way through our presenters or sponsors will spend 3 to 5 minutes to introduce themselves let the group know what’s new or what’s going on with their company.

The second Thursday of every month Local Leaders will be held at Cafe Berlin in Downtown Columbia, MO. Local Leaders is a diverse group of local leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs that gather each month to stay connected with each other and the local economy, hear from local presenting brands, and collaborate as local advocates for each other.


  • 10 hosts each year [Feb-Nov]
  • $250 fee to be a host
  • Highlight your brand, new ventures, or new announcements
  • Ability to bring swag and marketing materials
  • Co-Hosted Facebook event promotion with Downtown CoMO
  • Hosts get the floor during announcements to speak to local attendees.
  • Location, Music, Snacks, & Bartender provided


  • Suggested donation of $10 each event
  • Come and go as you please
  • Invite your networking friends
  • Snacks are provided
  • Bar accepts cash and card
  • No forced referrals or requirements, Just networking and meeting new people
  • Announcements are at 6pm, don’t miss out!
Get your message heard

Be A Host

We host 10 brands, business owners, or businesses each year. Reach out today if you are interested in hosting Local Leaders or wish for us to do a Pop-Up event at your location. Email [email protected]